Tatlısu “In Tatters” again

By Richard Beale …

Having conceded 5 goals in their last match,Tatlısu carried on where they left off and let in another 5 against joint leaders Karadeniz 61, from Kaplıca.

To be honest Karadeniz could have racked up a rugby score as once again Tatlısu “Achilles Heel’ their defence won ‘Oscars’ for playing the role of “Lord Lucan”


Wednesday June 12: BTM League 2, Group 5: Mormeneşke Cemal Balses Stadium.

After failing to win a match last season, Tatlısu were relegated from BTM League 1. We had high hopes for Tatlısu this season especially after they won their opening game. That is now a distant memory as they have now lost 7 consecutive matches and once again they find themselves rooted to the bottom of the League. The only good thing about this season, Tatlısu cannot be relegated again they are already in the basement league.

On a hot, sultry evening the match attracted a large crowd, mostly from Kaplıca supporting their team.

I have run out of cliches describing Tatlısu defence ” they are as slow as the UK Brexit talks”, “they part like the Red Sea” or “parked the bus”, Tatlısu need a supertanker!

Karadeniz scored in the first minute, were two up after 3 minutes and the contest was over by the 20th minute when they were 4 goals up.

Karadeniz taking control of the ball

All the goals scored were identical, a through ball, no defence in sight, the scorer finishing easily. For the record Karadeniz goalscorers were: TURKER ABDULLAHOĞLU (1 and 15), MEHMET TURGUT (3 and 20} 4-0

At least the Karadeniz fifth goal in the 35th minute was different, a long free kick from the left from Üner Genç was met at the far post with a diving header from MEHMET TURGUT to complete his hat trick. The fact that there were also two more of his team mates unmarked at the far post as well, again no defenders in sight shows where Tatlısu problems lie.5-0

Karadeniz could well have scored more goals but a combination of poor finishing and some good saves from Tatlısu keeper Sinan kept it down to 5 goals at the break.

How do you motivate a team that is already 5 goals down at the break? the game is over there is no coming back from that score.

Whatever was said and yes maybe Karadeniz took their “foot off the gas”, Tatlısu rallied in the second half, they showed great heart, scored twice and could have made it 5-4 in the end.

In the 55th minute Tatlısu’s Eşref hit the woodwork with an effort, that bounced down from the crossbar and was cleared.

Tatlısu pulled a goal back in the 69th minute when Hikmet was hauled down in the box. EŞREF scored with the penalty but not before the Karadeniz goalkeeper Mehmet Ali made a great effort to save it diving to his right he pushed the ball onto the post, before it rebounded across the line, despite frantic efforts by two Karadeniz defenders to stop it crossing the line. 5-1

In the 79th minute Göksel. went to ground in the box following a clash with Soner, and the referee awarded a penalty, which I thought was harsh. GÖKSEL picked himself up and scored from the spot 5-2.

Göksel, Tatlısu leading goalscorer, should have scored again in the 89th minute, after Eşref headed the ball down to him, the striker sent his shot over the bar from a good position.


Full marks to Tatlısu on making a fist of it in the second half. Karadeniz who trail leaders 1461 Iskele Trabzonspor on goal difference (by 3 goals) could rue at the end of the season losing focus in the second half, they could have scored 10 which could have been vital if the title is decided on goal difference.

KARADENIZ 61 ” Man of the Match”MEHMET TURGUT– scored 3 goals always looked dangerous.

TATLISU “Man of the Match” CEMRE ÜNLÜCAN – worked hard in Tatlısu’s overworked midfield, and also found energy to link up with the attack.