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Stream violation in Ozankoy eliminated

A garden wall, which was built without permission in the river bed, known as the continuation of Gelin Stream, has been demolished.

Girne Municipality and Girne District Kaymakamliği intervened in the unauthorized construction of a garden wall made in the river bed in the Girne Region, Ozankoy, Sht Mustafa Yavas Street, known as the continuation of the Gelin Stream.

Girne Kaymakam Sinan Güneş said in a statement on the issue, they have started joint work with the Girne Municipality to eliminate the problems caused by the violations to the river bed. Sinan Güneş stated that they started to eliminate the violations that were detected in cooperation with Girne Municipality and they continued the same studies and sensitivity with other municipalities.

Inviting other relevant institutions to abolish violations, Güneş said he also wanted the citizens to show sensitivity in order not to experience again the sad events which occurred in December 2018. Güneş thanked the Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü who mobilised the employees of the Municipality for the abolition of the violations, and said that the work will continue.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that the garden wall that caused flooding in Ozanköy was demolished and the stream was re-established to provide natural water flow. Nidai Güngördü, said the Municipality had spent 75,000 Turkish Liras last year to the south of Benan Street, to create a culvert, to address the problems. A further 44,000TL was spent at another point in the vicinity, where another wall was built without permission at the river bed. The Municipality and the District Kaymakamliği have been taking measures in order to prevent flooding and stressed that citizens should be more sensitive in respect of interfering with river beds.

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  1. I hope they give thought to the recent excavations on the east side of the ravine and the prospect of houses being built on the bottom of the riverbed at the Bellapais/Ozankoy border. Olwyn Patterson