Tatar: “The Greek Cypriots are not the sole owners of this island”

Pointing out that Cyprus is located in an important geographical position and there are two equal communities in the island and the Greek Cypriots are not the sole owners of this island, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar stated that

Turkey is one of the most powerful countries in the Eastern Mediterranean with a population of 80 million. It is in an important position and we must keep up this position.

In his speech during a meeting, Tatar said: “Up to this time our ancestors and Turkey have protected our rights and interests in the best way. We have established a state with Turkey’s support and we have been, and still are, working to ensure the prosperity of our people”.

Tatar noted that the eyes of the great powers are on Cyprus and he continued:

“This is an important geographical location and it is said that it contains massive riches. The Greek Cypriots are not the only owners of this island. There are two separate and equal communities. We have declared our own independence in the north. We have agreements with Turkey and the research by Fatih and Yavuz  vessels is very important for us”.

Tatar also emphasized that it is necessary to produce in order to be able to strengthen economically, and in this respect the most important thing is that they support the producer and the nation.

Stating that they will not allow anyone to create dissension to our unity and togetherness, Tatar criticised the attitude of the EU mechanisms which see Cyprus as a part of the EU and support the exit of Turkey from the island, adding that Turkish Cypriots will not accept such games and that the main thing was the existence of Turkey and its full and effective guarantee.

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  1. What a load of absolute rubbish! Turkey is illegally occupying the northern part of Cyprus…the island is equally owned by Greek and Turkish Cypriot people who once lived together in harmony. Nobody invited Turkey to invade Cyprus. Nobody wants them on their land. They need to get out, go home and bully their own people!