Özersay: Özgöçmen murder suspect received from Greek side through UN

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay, has declared that they have received the Pakistani National suspect of the murder of artist Hasan Işık Özgöçmen from the Greek side through the UN as the result of long dialogues.

Özersay also indicated that Georgian suspects who committed murder in South Cyprus and were arrested in the TRNC have been handed over to the Greek side similarly through the UN.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay made the said declarations from his social media account.

Özersay said: “This is an improvement which has made a cooperation between the two sides possible through a dialogue as a practical arrangement”

Özersay also emphasised: “We attach importance to this in the objective of crimes not to remain unpunished no matter on which side of the island they have been committed. I thank everyone who has helped in this respect.

Özgöçmen, was found dead on 30 September 2018 early in the morning at the forest area between Long Beach Hotel and Ötüken Junction in İskele. It was detected that 53 year old Hasan Işık Özgöçmen, who was residing in Çayönü, was murdered by smothering. It was declared that the wanted person related to the Özgöçmen murder was caught in Limassol in October 2018.