Sea Breeze Restaurant Table Top Sale for maintenance of Defibrillators

Readers mail
By Saberich….

On Monday May 13th at Sea Breeze Restaurant, Küçük Erenköy  between 12 and 4pm there is a Table Top Sale and all proceeds will go to helping funds for the 5 defibrillators that are sited in the Küçük Erenköy, Tatlısu and Esentepe areas.

You rarely see any Defibrillators sited in the TRNC, yes in Hospitals and Medical Centres and some other places but not in everyday places, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Cinema’s etc. So in our area thankfully we have 5 sited as follows:

On the wall at Ömrüm Eczanesi (Chemist),   Outside Esentepe Belediyesi Building,   Marina View, by Binny’s Restaurant, at the entrance to the Almond Tree Restaurant, and on the wall at Metran Supermarket, Tatlisu.

Since being installed in the mid 2000’s thankfully they have never been used, but it is good to know that they are there in case of an emergency, you never know when one could be needed..

They require little maintenance, they are checked regularly on a monthly basis. In October 2019, the pads will need replacing (cost around £50 each), we require 5 of them = £250. The batteries have a life span of 4 years (£150 each) they will need replacing next year, so that will cost around £750.

We have some funds in the kitty but every Lira is vital in helping us to buy replacements. Please come along to Sea Breeze Restaurant on Monday to the Table Top Sale or just buy some raffle tickets.

Any donations will be welcome, you can contact me Sabrerich on 0533 830 9968.