Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay, Part 14

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Cyclist Abdulhalim AKÇAY is touring Turkey on his cycle. He started off from Istanbul on 28th November 2018.

Here is a short summary of his movements from 28th April to 1st May 2019.

The important news is that after pedalling for about 5,700 kilometres in a 5 month periıod he has decided to give his tour a break. He is going to work somewhere in Antalya, during the tourist season, to accumulate money to finance the next part of his tour.

Cyprusscene will continue publishing his daily activities, once he restarts his journey.

151st day (28/04/2019)

Last evening he had reached PINARCIK village which is under the Serik district of Antalya. Here he met an old friend of his from his university days. He spent a wonderful day strolling here and there. He got a chance to attend a wedding party in the village, where people showed their interest in him and his adventure.

152nd day (29/04/2019)

It was his second day in Pinarcik village. He was simply resting, as he was planning for the days to come. In a couple of days he intended to give a short break to his tour, and to find work somewhere, so that he would be able to save some money to finance the next leg of his adventure.

Over the last 5 months he has travelled a lot, and has mostly met all expenses from his own pocket.

153rd day (30/04/2019)

He went to SERIK, which is a small place nearby. It is well known for some ancient ruins. He spent the day visiting the historical ruins. He met a number of other tourists, and spent the day taking photographs and meeting people.

154th day (01/05/2019)

It was his last day on his bicycle, as he was going to have a short break to the tour. He will be looking for some work for a  period, in order to have the necessary funds for the next part of his tour.

So far he has pedalled for more than 5,700 kilometres.

It is the start of tourist season in the Antalya area, and he thought that it would not be very difficult for him to find a temporary job in the area.

He thinks that while working in the area he will have the opportunity of meeting tourists from different parts of the globe, which will also be helpful in increasing the numbers of his followers, and also give him the chance to chart out the next part of his tour.

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