Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay, Part 13

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

Cyclist Abdulhalim AKÇAY is touring Turkey on his cycle. He had started off from Istanbul on 28th November 2018. In this 5 months he has covered a distance of about 5,600 kilometres.

Here is a short summary of his movement from 22nd to 27th April 2019.

145th day (22/04/2019)

He had spent last night in his tent at the allocated place of the Kumluca municipality. He set off for KARAGÖZ. He met two aged tourists from Czech republic. He spent a short time chatting with them and taking some photographs.  A little later he met two Ukranian cyclists, who were travelling from Kemer to Kas (a distance of about 150km).

The scenery of the area was very beautiful.

He went to  Galidonya lamp post, which was on a hill. The road was very bad and he reached there after a really tough time. Once there, he also found some other tourists. He pitched his tent there.

146th day (23/04/2019)

He started off going down from the lamp post area, at around 9.30am. The way down was really difficult, yet he managed to overcome that.

He reached  a small village by side of the sea. There were many tourists there. The natural beauty of the area was superb. He found a friend there who arranged for a wonderful dinner. He spent the night on the beach.

147th day (24/04/2019)

He had decided this would be a rest day. In fact the previous day was really tiring, as he had climbed up the hill, on a very bad road. He went on a short tour of the area. There was a small old building  near the beach from where the whole of the natural beauty could be seen. He went there, but of course the way up to the top was not easy. He faced much difficulty in reaching there.

However once there, he realised that it was worth it. He enjoyed the scenery and natural beauty spread all around.

He went to an old castle too, which was not very far away.

148th day (25/04/2019)

He started off from Adrasan, early in the morning towards Olympos. The route was full of natural beauty. There were small villages where he drank tea, ate food and enjoyed meeting people. There were many tourists in the area.

The distance between Adrasan and Olympos is 12 kilometres. There is a mountain that distances them from each other. He went to see the historical city. The area was filled with tourists from all parts of the world.

There was a place where the gases coming out of the old volcano come up in the form of fire. He went to see that.

He spent the whole day strolling around, and seeing the area.

Unfortunately pitching a tent in the area was prohibited, so he decided to go elsewhere, with the hope of finding a reasonable place to pitch his tent for the night.  He went to the main highway connecting Kemer with Cıralı.  He was still trying to find a suitable place when suddenly rain started. He was fortunate that he found a suitable place by side of the road where he could pitch his tent. He spent the night there, but could not sleep well as too many vehicles were passing along the road and it was noisy. Yet he managed to spend the night there.

149th day (26/04/2019)

He went ahead towards Kemer, after having his morning coffee. Tekirova was his first stop, after 15 kilometres. The remains of some old civilisation was nearby, which was named as PHASELIS. He toured the place and the museum.

The next stop was ÇAMYUVA, from where he went to the centre of KEMER. Kemer is a very popular tourist area of Turkey.  He toured the area, and came to the GÖYNÜK area. There were many hotels and restaurants, where tourists were staying and enjoying their tour.

Unfortunately the tyre of his cycle went flat. He managed to repair it, but the rain had already started. It was evening, and he had to find some place to spend the night, before getting dark.

He went to the local authorities and told them of his problem, so they guided him to a place where he could pitch his tent for the night. Although pitching a tent was not permitted, his situation was considered and the fact that his cycle was not  in working condition, he was given special permission to pitch his tent.

150th day (27/04/2019)

He was at Göynük. The weather was fine  as there was no rain. It had been a difficult night that he had spent.

He continued moving ahead the whole day and reached Antalya. It was 10th Province.

It was the 150th day of his tour. During this period of time he had so far toured 10 provinces and 110 districts. With all of the ups and downs of this ongoing adventure, so far he had travelled around 5,600 kilometres. Indeed it is not an easy task. Against all odds his will power is keeping him moving ahead.

However, the time had come when he had found that his existing  financial resources  were no longer sufficient to meet his requirements. He does not have a sponsor. He is meeting all expenses from his own pocket.

However, on this day he started seriously thinking of giving his tour a break. He decided that he must work somewhere temporarily and save money sufficient enough to meet his future needs.  He spent the whole day roaming around, and planning for the future.