Do not read this if you are a doctor!

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Though some of my friends in the medical profession will not like it,  I believe that the medical profession of present times is directly related to the sale of medicines. I believe that a doctor is the one who plays a key role in increasing profits of pharmaceutical firms the world over. He is the one who frightens the patients, by showing a frightening scenario. It is always easy to make someone accept, when frightened. This is how the patients accept whatever a doctor says.

Secondly, I believe that under the present system, when one starts visiting a doctor, he keeps visiting him for one or more of the same or different sicknesses. The reason according to me is that the present day medicines do not help to strengthen the immune system of our bodies. I believe that our immune system can do wonders for us, if we work to strengthen it. But in that case, the whole pharmaceutical empire and the doctors would lose a lot.

Thirdly, I believe that there is a big need of understanding our bodies, ourselves. We have developed a habit of rushing to a doctor instantly, without taking a time to understand the problem. We rush to the doctor just because the present day system has made us believe that we do not, and cannot, understand our own body. We have been made to believe that we are supposed to leave everything to a doctor. Unfortunately I do not agree with this.

I believe that we must know our bodies. We must educate ourselves and keep on educating ourselves about the inner parts and their functions inside our bodies. A little knowledge can do wonders for us. I believe that although we think that a doctor knows best after we have explained what we feel, the fact is that we can never explain exactly what we feel. It is only ourselves who feel what we cannot explain to a doctor in words. So it is only ourselves who can understand what has gone wrong inside us.

I believe that we must learn to bear the pain. Bearing the pain is something that we are supposed to do, but unfortunately we have stopped doing it. I believe that our healing process passes through pain. If we do not bear pain, and use the pain killers, that would ultimately lead to other side effects, leading to other different other sicknesses.

My system is very simple. I always try to learn more about my own body. So whenever I get sick I go through a routine procedure. First, I ask myself, if I have done something different from my routine activities. Secondly, I try to find out what did I do wrong. Once I get exact answers to these two questions, I move on to the process of healing.  The first step is not to repeat the mistake that I had made earlier. The second step is to bear the pain. The last step is to find some work out, some exercise, some change in eating habits and daily activities that would help me to get rid of the problem.

I have quite a lot of problems inside my body, which I have failed to overcome. However, I have decided to live with them, instead of going for a medical process full of medicines. I believe that it is better for me to live with my weak digestive system, weak lungs, weak leg due to sciatica and others, rather than getting addicted to the side and after effects of the medicines.

I understand that it is difficult for everyone to be as obstinate as I am, but still I hope that we could try to improve our immune system, so that we can reduce our visits to the doctor, and also the consumption of medicines.