Environment protection

Temiz Kibris – A Clean Cyprus at Akdeniz Caretta Beach

Readers mail…
From Diana Suyunshalina…..

.Another great day!!! More than 90 students and our group cleaned Akdeniz Caretta Beach.

When so many people get together it is power. In less than two hours the beach was super clean. We hope that other schools and Universities follow us. It’s the time to save our planet.

The world is full of pollution, and somehow it should be stopped. Thank you to all the students of University of Kyrenia, who participated in the clean up today, you are a great example for other students.

We want to thank: Mehmet Fatih Hüseyinoğlu for such a great organization, Oya Kutsal and Girne İyilik Gonulluleri for the food, the drinks, the t-shirts and the hats,

Firat Ataser the Mayor of Alsancak Belediye, for the bus and regular help, Savaş Namsoy the head of the Girne department of the Environment for providing us with bags and gloves and everything that we needed, and all our dear friends who are always with us.

We love you all.

For more information about cleaning projects go to Temiz Kibris – A Clean Cyprus Facebook page.