German tourists join Zümrütköy orange harvest

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment organised an orange harvest event for tourists coming from Germany. The harvesting activities started two years ago to attract the attention of tourists coming to the country.

Activities carried out for tourism of special interest within the scope of sustainable alternative tourism continue to increase every year.

Ali Orçan, the Director of the Ministry, and Şanel Tağmaç, the Tourism Promotion and Marketing Department Officer, attended the event and exchanged information with the tourists.

The event took place in Zümrütköy, which is connected to Güzelyurt, and the tourists had the opportunity to pick oranges, taste them and also taste the orange juice in Kazım Başlı’s orange garden.

The event was organised with the support of the Zümrütköy Mukhtar and Cypruvex, and enabled tourists to be able to spend a different type of day.

Tourists participating in the event were provided with a brochure of promotional publications, products grown in the country, foodstuffs specific to Cyprus, and leaflets containing cultural information.

Minister Ataoglu, said that alternative tourism in our country in the area of products to be introduced to tourists visiting the country is very important.  The selection of crops grown in the country, and the subsequent active participation of foreign tourists is a very successful model in terms of promotion, and they plan to make the strawberry harvest available to tourists.

Ataoğlu said that during the winter months, cultural activities and such harvesting activities have been intense.  He added that tourists cannot find such activities in other countries and emphasized that tourists would like to visit every year having  experienced the hospitality of the Turkish Cypriot people.