Environment protection

TRNC Environmental Protection Department Report for 8th to 14th April

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment announced a weekly audit report by the Environmental Protection Agency carried out between 8th and 14th April.  The department visited 734 business places, persons or vehicles throughout the island during a one-week period.

Among the audited places, 196 inspections were made covering 58 plastic bag inspections, 3 natural life audits, 13 waste water inspections, 31 solid waste inspections, 8 EIA (environmental impact assessment) inspections. 425 EIA inspections were carried out  in places in air quality, exhaust emission and industrial plant.

Covering the areas of sound, solid waste, EIA, industrial chimneys, wastewater, air quality and plastic bag inspections there were 245 in Lefkosa, 271 in Famagusta-Iskele, 153 in Girne, 65 in Güzelyurt-Lefke. While supervising, 13 people or institution were given a time notice and 2 people or institutions were given a penalty.

You can help the teams intervene more quickly by informing the Alo 123 telephone line, which is responsible for pollution in the environment.