A visit to the Limassol Carnival 

By Peri Sualp…..

Last Sunday 10th March 2019 I went to The Limassol Carnival with a group of friends. Hundreds of Turkish Cypriots went there either by bus or their own cars. 

The Limassol Carnival is a European carnival event held in Limassol every year at the beginning of March – before Easter. It is considered to be one of the notable carnival events worldwide. Definitely it was a very colorful event filled with joy and also I must say that it was an exclusive and an extraordinary carnival. You get to wear costumes and have fun with strangers! You get to watch parades and great shows. They sell fun stuff for all ages! .. As practiced now in Limassol, it is a legacy from the Venetians who ruled over Cyprus during the 15th–16th centuries. The carnival of Venice, however we celebrate it here too. Not only Greek Cypriots and certainly Turkish Cypriots but people from all around the world came to take part in this amazing carnival. And every year the number  of people attending increases and every year the more interesting it gets as I’ve heard.

This was the first year I attended this outstanding and entertaining event.  It was the best carnival/festival I have seen so far. We went by bus. We sang in the bus with my friends and strangers. We played games and solved questions. Even though I was shy, I sang individually as well but it was so much fun in the end!

We went to the zoo before the carnival and it was the first time I have ever been to a zoo in Cyprus. It was better than I thought it would be. We ate and drank and had great time all together. It was a very long and tiring day but it sure was worth it.  I would highly recommend  this carnival to everyone which is right around the corner from us! You don’t have to go all the way to Rio!

Let’s go together next year!

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