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KAV 16th Orchid Walk once more a big success

By Rezan Fahrioglu Yamaci….
Kanser Araştırma Vakfı / Cancer Research Fund…..
Photos courtesy of KKTC Telsim…..

The Orchid Walk organized by the Cancer Research Foundation (KAV) was held on a sunny day on 10th March, Sunday, between Kozanköy and Karşıyaka villages. With the attendance of almost 850 walkers the event was again a big success. Many people of all ages, families with babies in strollers, students from universities and colleges and cancer survivors joined the walk with the slogan ‘Walking to beat cancer’ and contributed a common aim: support cancer research.

Buses from main cities of Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt and Lefke took the walkers to the starting point at Kozanköy, early in the morning. After a short talk by Prof. Mustafa Camgöz and the Telsim Director Fevzi Tanpınar, the walk started joyfully. After giving a break at the midpoint called ‘Cennet Kapısı’ (Heaven’s Gate) by the locals, the walkers enjoyed the snacks provided. This year KAV carefully chose the bags provided to the walkers, to be environment friendly and not plastic. An interim report of KAV’s achievements and projects in 2018 as well as useful information on cancer was also provided. The report was prepared both in Turkish and English languages so that everyone living in Cyprus could benefit from the information provided in the report. The shows at the final were cancelled due to the sudden death of ex-Prime Minister Mr. İrsen Küçük. However, the winners of the raffle were announced where gifts such as a tablet, a microwave and tickets to a famous theatre show were given out. The lead song of the event ‘You’ll never walk alone’ was played after a minute of silence for the ones who lost the fight to cancer. Unlike previous years, the balloons were not released, with the aim of the protection of environment.

The main sponsor of the event, Telsim, has been supporting KAV’s biggest event, the Orchid Walk, with big contribution. However, continuous support of Lemar, Özerlat Coffee, Bigibox and PlayFM should also be mentioned. Other than these, EMU, NEU, CIU, Municipalities of Famagusta, Güzelyurt, Gönyeli, Lapta and Lefke and Önder Shopping Centre have also supported the event. Of course the hard work and heartfelt contribution of the KAV volunteers led by Mrs Sevinç Miralay is worth mentioning. We are grateful to all our sponsors, volunteers and walkers for their continuous support.

For the first time in the history of KAV, and maybe other charities in North Cyprus, the tickets of the event went on sale online as well! Thanks to Innovia for making it real for us! Online donation through Paynet secure system is also available on

The money raised at the walk will be used to support the research going on in Cyprus to determine the causes of cancer in Cyprus. This said, we are announcing that KAV is giving out another scholarship to an outstanding scientist who will work on environmental effects on cancer. Applications should be sent to Prof. Mustafa Camgöz until 1st April (