Trevor’s Tips: Driving Licence and Plumbers

Readers mail….

We receive many enquiries for information in response to our publications on Cyprusscene and below are some replies from my wife Mary to enquiries  about TRNC driving licences and plumbers.

Thank you ,
Trevor Hughes

Subject: TRNC Driving Licence


I have resided in the TRNC for the last 14 years. I understand that to legally own a D.L. you do need to obtain Temporary Residency even if one is over 60 years of age .





Hi Terry

You do not need Temporary Residency to obtain a TRNC driving licence if you are aged over 60 years, If you come to Capital Bank in Alsancak, Mary has all the forms and will guide you through the process.


Subject TRNC Driving Licence

Sir I want to change my driving licence in Cyprus. I have Pakistani Driving licence. Please tell me of a solution and the place to change driving licence



Answer to your question ıs Yes we can help you get a TRNC driving licence, If you come to Capital Bank in Alsancak ask for Mary and she will guide you through the procedure, We have all the official forms


Subject: Plumber

Hello Trevor,

We hope you are fine.

We are very thankful  If you could share a contact information for a good plumber and it’s a plus if he could speak some English.

Do you still write news round? It was very good and helpful  news. Thank you!

Kind regards

Nazdar Fransson


Hi Nazdar

Yes I still do the news round, I will check if you are still on the contacts list for you. The  plumber ıs CEMEL 0533 860 2654  AND HE SPEAKS ENGLISH.

Kind regards,

Mary and Trevor HUGHES

Customer Representative
Capital Bank

0533 886 2503

For our other readers, if you have any questions you wish to ask please send me details through the contact box below.

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