THE QUEST by Nick Vye, Part 3, Glastonbury Tor

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

 The Quest – Part 3 – GLASTONBURY TOR

 Zac phoned Peter a week later to see if he was ready for the next adventure, Where to now asks Peter. Well said Zac how about Glastonbury Tor in Somerset. Peter gasped, I’ve heard a lot about that place, they say it’s very mystical and has connections with the King Arthur and Avalon Legend.  You up for it then mate, he paused waiting for Peter’s answer. You bet Zac, I need to have more of that peaceful feeling I had at Stonehenge with you .I’ve felt a lot different since then. Glad to hear it Zac replied. Okay how about Halloween weekend that should spook you out Peter, Zac laughed. They made the necessary arrangements and Zac ended the call.

Halloween that year fell on a Saturday night, so they can travel down in the afternoon stay the night and return early Sunday afternoon. At least then Peter would have some time with his family. His wife might wonder what they were up to but she got along fine with Zac and trusted him also, and her children loved him. Often asking when Uncle Zac was coming to visit.  Zac had a good connection with children, he was aware their imagination was sometimes really true and they had many spiritual experiences.

Zac heard the sound of Peter’s van horn beep outside. He grabbed his rucksack and went out of the front door to greet his friend. Peter was full of life and excited about this next adventure into the unknown and Zac was such interesting company. They always had a laugh at something and the bond between them was like they were brothers and he looked up to him.

The weather was kind to them and sunny spells made the drive down pleasant enough. What’s the plan then Peter asked. Well said Zac, we need to be up on the Tor where the old church ruin stands before midnight. Then we will walk slowly around it a few times before, at 1.00am we sit and contemplate to feel the energy there and experience what it has to tell us and share, who knows.

After dinner in Glastonbury Main Street, they walked along looking at all the occult and mystical shop windows. Peter was totally fascinated. There was so much to see and take in. I had no idea Zac that so many people would find this interesting. Times they’re a changing, quoted Zac, from a Bob Dylan song he liked. Some of the shops were still open at 8.00pm. So they went into one of them called The Crystal Cave. Peter knew Zac had plenty of knowledge about crystals and had taught and lectured regarding them. Something caught Peter’s eye and he moved nearer to get a better look. It was a nice Smokey Quartz shaped like a pyramid about 6 ins high on a polished round piece of dark wood, with a LED. light beneath it, which shone up through the crystal, giving it a mysterious glow inside. Oh I must have this he said excitedly. It cost £50 but Peter would have paid more. He left the shop happy.

The Tor is fairly steep and they took their time walking up it. A light wind was blowing but the sky was clear with stars twinkling. The moon was almost full and gave the old church an eerie glow, which was perfect for Halloween night. It had gone 11.00pm when they started the climb up. Peter had brought the torch again and also a Thermos Flask with tea in it for later on. Peter was so organized when away from home and in his mobile van Zac noticed. When they reached the top of the Tor, they both stood and admired the view, Zac pointing out places of interest to Peter.

Twelve-o-clock came and a church bell in the distance struck. Okay said Zac we will start the slow walk around the church, while I chant the HU mantra sound to increase the energy vibrations here. Peter felt a slow pulse of energy in his body begin and his head felt fuzzy, almost like it was totally empty. He was following behind Zac who was chanting the mantra slowly as he walked ahead of him. Peter couldn’t believe how he felt, almost as though he was being transported around the Tor by some unseen force. It was a very strange feeling for him but he was getting to like it. Wow Zac can do this at any time, what a feat, able to escape the heavy vibrations of the city and people without taking drugs or tablets. How many times they went round he didn’t know or care, the sound of Zac’s chanting had mesmerised him and again time had ceased to exist for him.

It was almost 1.00am when he became aware of Zac’s voice, gently telling him, we will stop now and sit on our mats and tune into the energies here, as the Glastonbury Tor is the Heart Chakra of the planet Earth. Focus your attention on your heart and feel the pulse of Mother Earth within and around you, breathe slowly and deeply and let your consciousness expand and try to become one with all around you, Zac said firmly. All was very quiet and still as they sat up there, the moonlight on them and peace and contentment flowed through them as they became one, The I of the ego had vanished, only the attunement with the earth and nature existed for them. All else didn’t exist, they were totally in the Now.

When they finally came down from the Tor, they were speechless and made their way to the camper van. Both fell asleep quickly but Peter’s last thought was Oh my God, this is only the beginning for me.

to be continued.