Trevor’s Tips: Obtaining a TRNC Driving Licence

Readers mail….

We receive many enquiries for information in response to our publications on Cyprusscene and below is the reply from my wife Mary to an enquiry about obtaining a TRNC driving licence

Thank you ,
Trevor Hughes


Hi Trevor, We have just bought a property in Tatlisu, and because of the amount of time we will spend there we will both need a TRNC Driving licence. I have been told that The Capital Bank in Alsancak do an Application Service, Is this still correct, and if so what is the procedure.

Kind Regards,

David Thomas.


Hi Davıd

Yes we do help with TRNC Driving licence applications.

Firstly are you over 60 years of age? If yes no problem, under 60 years of age you will need to get Temporary Residency.

  1. Official form which we have here at Capital Bank ın Alsancak.
  2. Two driving licence photo’s not passport size. You can get these done at Yucel ın Gırne, near Albank which used to be HSBC and Yucel ıs next to the chemist.
  3. Local Muhtars letter – must be a recent letter.
  4. Copy of photo page of your passport.
  5. Copy of your national driving licence, both sides.

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Customer Representative
Capital Bank

0533 886 2503

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