Cartoon films were analysed at Cyprus International University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

According to the press information released by the Cyprus International University The Preschool Club, affiliated to the Coordinator of Social Activities of the Student Development and Counseling Center, recently organized an event called “We Talk with Cartoons.”In the event, the cartoons “Smurfs”, “Pokémon”, and “Pj Masks” were shown and with the participation of the students, an analysis was carried out about the cartoons.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sarem Özdemir, Head of the Preschool Teacher Education Program and the Academic Advisor of Preschool Club, stated that these cartoons were chosen as the most preferred among the children.

Özdemir mentioned that as the Preschool Club, they watched these cartoons critically and she explained that they organized the event in order to see the suitability of these cartoons for children and to create a discussion.

It was also stated that at departments such as pre-school teaching, special education, and psychological counseling and guidance, all those connected should be aware of what kind of cartoons children follow and this process should be checked.

Özdemir stated that the trainees watched cartoons from 3 different generations and she said “We watched the cartoons of the Smurfs, Pokémon, and Pj Masks one after the other followed by their parents, their times and today’s children and analyzed the students’ children’s developmental characteristics”.

Özdemir said that as a result of this study, it has been pointed out that critical points that teacher candidates should specifically address in the learning-teaching process when they are guiding have been revealed and she said in this way they had the chance to make self-criticism during the event.