John Scott aka Bahrain John – Rest in Peace


By Margaret Sheard ….

It is always sad to hear of someone passing away and recently we noted a posting by James Butler (Mr Smile) who was devastated that, following a period of hospitalisation, his best friend John Scott aka Bahrain John had lost his battle.

Since then James has been helping the family with the necessary arrangements as well as letting people know of the sad news.   It has been a lengthy process and must have been very stressful for James at this sad time.   However, it seems everything is now in hand and following is the posting from James with the provisional arrangements, to be confirmed, which have been made for the funeral.

We have a date everyone has agreed to try and be available for John’s funeral. So unless there are any unforeseen hitches it looks like Saturday 19th of January at around 10.30am at Green Hill Cemetery.  Please note it’s very muddy and a 4×4 will help if you can organise a ride.   This date will be confirmed as soon as all the relevant documents are lodged with the appropriate authorities.

This time frame allows Sophie to finish exams and for other friends to organise flights from far flung places.

I will post everything again in an exact manner as soon as I can.

Anyone who wishes to say a few words at the funeral please let me know so I can help others with the order of service – 0533 830 7558.

Apologies for not telephoning everyone who knew John well, but as you can appreciate this has been a busy task.