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Onwards and Upwards for Hope 4 Pets in 2019


A Very Happy New Year from all the Admin of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus. We have had a very eventful year at H4P in 2018, to say the least…

We have achieved so much throughout 2018 and we are very proud of our achievements. The beginning of the year saw us neuter 100’s more cats and dogs, together with funding vet treatment for 100’s more. We re-homed dogs and cats to both the UK and in the TRNC. We fed and watered lots of stray animals and provided emergency vet treatment for many more along with working with and helping other like-minded charities and groups. To help fund all our work we held lots of events including a live auction, a meet and greet event and quiz nights. We sold Christmas Cards, H4P merchandise, and all the proceeds from our weekly stall go to help the animals of the TRNC. We launched our £1.00 per month donation appeal with mixed results, some very generous people supported us, but we were way short of our goal which was around £3,000.00 of steady income per month, needed to cover and to pay our huge vet bills.

A band called Gasoline kindly also approached us and offered their services to raise money for H4P and Stephanie Harrison-Croft liaised with them to organize gigs, get permissions from the council for them to play and to enable us to have a collection box at these gigs and a member of H4P had to be there at every gig as per the council’s directive. Stephanie Harrison-Croft, Bill Harrison-Croft and Sarah Heffernan attended the initial gigs, until Stephanie was called away to the UK then Sarah Heffernan, Gwyn Alldred and Barbara Burton helped out whilst she was away.

September was a particular low point for Hope 4 Pets, it had been clear for a number of months that we were spending more on vet bills, food etc. than we were receiving in donations, and we were all struggling with the demand on our time. We had several discussions, and it was agreed that the support both financially and practically for H4P was not there. We could not continue. This decision was not taken lightly, we had no alternative, and we had already appealed for help both financially and practically but had got little or no response. We were heartbroken that the animals of the TRNC would be left with no one to fill the gap left by H4P.

When the closure of H4P was announced we received 100’s of messages of support and people rallied around the group/charity. We received a large number of people setting up standing orders, so enabling us to have a steady income. Our goal is still a long way off, but hopefully in 2019, we may achieve this. Admin reviewed our financial situation at the end of November and were quietly optimistic with regards to the figures. We also received some lovely messages from people willing to give some of their time to Hope 4 Pets, which was fantastic news and was a must to continue. Therefore since our declaration that the charity would cease to operate because of the lack of funds, plus the all-important hands on people needed to continue, true and genuine people, whom we could not possibly have done without rallied to save Hope 4 Pets and without their help, many animals would have lost their lives and would have had no hope. We now have an awesome team of trustworthy friends and supporters giving strength and long term stability to H4P. A particular thank you to Barbara Burton, Sarah Heffernan and Karen Lain, Corinne Prior and Mick for organising the live auction, manning the H4P stall and helping with lots of other events.

However, once again we were unfortunately on the receiving end of some minor negativity and very unsavoury comments directed towards us and had to remove a small group of people from our group. This is sadly not uncommon in the animal rescue world. We don’t have much to say to these people, apart from, the malicious comments, personal attacks that you post are uncalled for and they do have a detrimental effect not just on H4P but to animal welfare as a whole. Some people do not know Admin personally, and believe what they read. We feel this needs to stop! This behaviour does not help the plight of the animals of the TRNC by attacking admin of a Charity that is there specifically to help them.

Whilst all this crises with H4P was on going, personal family illness took one of our Admin Team, Stephanie Harrison-Croft to the UK for 2 months, whilst visiting hospital every day she continued to answer emails, messages, and liaise with some lovely people who volunteered to help out during this period, Sarah Heffernan, Barbara Burton and Karen Lain, Corrine & Mick Prior who did a wonderful job of organizing and attending events. Stephanie is back in the TRNC and continues to work tirelessly for H4P, rescuing animals, fostering, endless vet trips, helps organize events, and deals with the hours of paperwork that being a TRNC charity and UK charity entails. She answers hundreds of phone calls and messages per week.


Emma Eminsoy continues with her work looking after her ever increasing family of cats which she rescues through H4P and who financially pays for their vet bills. She continued to foster Dove and Drogo (who very sadly passed away in December). These two beautiful dogs were also H4P rescues, plus Wendy who comes for her holidays once a year for 3 months. Plus all her own animals, and the continuous trips to the vets every day, Emma spends her entire day sometimes at the vets as most of the cats Emma takes on are very sick or have life threatening problems and require a lot of time and dedication, day and night. She has a young family and juggles family life, with the demands on her time from H4P.

Elizabeth Stowell continues to do the accounts for Hope 4 Pets Charity in the UK, which is very time consuming, also ferries dog crates back and forth to airports, picking up dogs from Manchester, Sheffield and Heathrow, the latter entailing a 500 mile round trip to take them to their new owners. Booking travel for dogs, people and crates and the promotion and implementing of merchandise. She also continues to donate to H4P.

With this continued support we hope to make 2019 even better for the animals but we must not become complacent and the momentum needs to continue.

We would like to thank each and every one for all your efforts and for the amazing support given and we invite you to join us on the road to better things in 2019.



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