Exhibition about “Cities as Bio Areas”, by Girne American University


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Faculty of Fine Arts of Girne American University recently organised an exhibition of projects and creations  which aims to solve social and ecologic problems of cities. The exhibition was held in the Technopark Building of the University. 

Activation projects regarding concept of Bio Districts “Land with very special environmental factors and organisms” opposing already in place physical, environmental and climactic problems with vision of the best future, GAU Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty member Prof. Dr. Hossain Sadri informed people of the projects displayed at the exhibition.

Sadri  said “Projects about perspective transition for the year 2050, chosen from 20 different outlying neighbourhoods had displays. The aim of the projects is about using Permaculture Design, Transition Design, and De-urbanization Design techniques to redesign and reclaim cities as Bio Districts and contain short, middle and long term necessary physical and social transitions. In the projects, technique strategies such as ecologic rehabilitation, strengthening of economy, creating a resilient community, creation of food forests, and existing structures transformed to be self sufficient districts.  These projects bring forward the role of science of design to solve global problems such as global warming, desertification, soil erosion, social clashes and poverty.”