When it rains, what are the effects?


By Ahmet Abdulaziz….   

I remember my late father used to tell me a story from old times, about a remote village in India, where a father had two married daughters. One of them was married to a farmer, and the other was married to a potter.

The farmer relied on rain to water his crops, whereas the potter relied on the sun to finish his pottery made of clay. He would put all the fresh pottery in the open where the sunshine would be doing the rest.

The first daughter would ask her father to pray for rain, so they would have a good harvest, whereas the other asked her father to pray not to have rain. The rain would obviously destroy all of the pottery put out in the open.

The old man would promise to pray, to both of his daughters, since there was no other way out for him.

Our lives in this world too are just like this father and his daughters. Rain does bring life, but  at the same time rain also brings problems. Since rain is a natural phenomena so the whole world gets whatever it offers to them.

To some, rain brings happiness and sorrow to others.

When I was a young child, during the 1960s, to me the rain meant enjoyment. I remember going out on the road with friends, to roam around. Frequently we used to get wet, but that was enjoyment. Frequently we used to throw mud on each others. We used to make small castles and other sculptures out of the wet sand. We used to throw stones in small ponds. It was all fun.

But at the same time other people were busy safeguarding themselves and their homes from the rain water. I remember there used to be floods in the low-lying areas. During the rains every year, they used to face many difficulties.

I remember that in 1967 there were heavy rains in Karachi city where we used to live. There was water everywhere. Our schools were closed down. Most of the schools were made into shelters for the flood affected people. I remember my late mother used to cook some food, which I had to take to the school, where food from a number of houses of the locality were pooled, to be distributed to the people in the school.

As a person I always love rain. I like to enjoy rain by getting wet. I remember I always enjoyed that. As a young boy myself and my friends of the same age used to pray for rain, because rain always meant a day off from school. But frequently, there had been nice  weather in the morning after a full rainy night.

But now, when it rains, I have got totally different issues to think of. I still like rain and want to enjoy it, but now when the rain starts, the first thing that I care about is my car. My old car has a history of breaking down in rain. So rain for me means remaining at home, and not going out unless it is very necessary.

When it rains I have to think about my children. Although they are grown up, but still I firstly think about their locations. I check out if the roads are safe in the area where they are. I  frequently phone them to return back home, before it gets dark and the roads may get flooded.

My wife on the other hand, has to take care of her pets. When the rain starts, she  has  to see if the cages of her pet birds are properly covered with plastic, and well placed not to be blown away by wind. She has to check if the dog is inside. She has to check if her new flower plants are well under the sheet of plastic.

So the rain does affect each of us in one way or another. Rain is life and it brings changes in our lives.

For me however the rain always make me sing

“Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”
Sung by B.J. Thomas



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