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Tulips Pink October 2018 Step-a-Thon had a great result


Readers mail…..
Tulips – Help Those with Cancer Association….

Great news was received over the weekend from Tulips about this year’s Step-a-Thon event which was highly successful and helped raise an incredible total of donations for this important charity as you may read below.

“Thank you to everyone who came to Ezic Premier on  Friday evening 7th December to hear the results of the 2018 Step-a-Thon challenge to raise money during Pink October for Tulips..

All you wonderful walkers raised a staggering

95,720.74 TL.   –  Wow

We also walked between us all an amazing 23,689,609 steps which equates in air miles to flying from Cyprus to Chicago and back!!!

We would like to thank Creditwest bank for sponsoring all our pedometers, Cyprus Today for yet again going Pink for us and all our Steppers and sponsors for making it possible to raise this fabulous amount of money for Tulips.

Special thanks must go to Auriana Stevens who walked an amazing 1,079,627 steps and completed her 1 Million step challenge.

Tulips – Help Those with Cancer Association”