Blue Tears – Blues and Rock n Roll Band at The Soulist, Alsancak


By Roland Eyerich ….

“Blue Tears – Blues & Rock n Roll Band“ are the Dinosaurs of this kind of music in North Cyprus and are one of the most renowned bands here.

One of the highlights this year was their commitment to the 1st “Friends Across Borders Alsancak” Concert at The Soulist on 28th September for the charity organization “Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips)”. Blue Tears helped to make this event a great success for the organisers. Every Wednesday in November they were guests at The Soulist and presented their music.

l-r Dean Bridges, Koray Bali, Naim Kuradag

For a long time jazz, blues, soul and rock has needed to gain a foothold in Northern Cyprus. But there is no real fan base for this kind of music in North Cyprus. It is still in the experimental stage. So the local bands have to prove themselves again and again. One more reason to set up a Blues & Rock n Roll Band.

“Blue Tears“ was founded by Naim Korudağ 5 years ago with this ‘extremely talented’ musician on lead guitar/vocals, ‘the animal’ Koray Bali on Drums and Kelvin Burke on Bass… Charlie Harty, Özlem Özenç, Arman Tatlıcıoğlu, and Onat Davulcu, are some of the talented local musicians who played in the first 3 years and in the current formation there is Welsh born Bass player/backing vocals Dean Bridges who has been with the band for 2 years.

Blue Tears are not the ordinary cover band, their dynamic approach to music means that the same song is never played the same twice, emotion and feeling and stepping out of the box and letting the atmosphere dictate where the music goes is a big part of the Blue Tears sound. They play a wide selection of Blues, Rock and some contemporary music including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Albert King, BB King, Deep Purple, Bad Company, Santana, Tracy Chapman, Paul Weller amongst a wide repertoire. You can feel the love for music at every gig that Naim brings with his guitar and band members to the audience or even listeners. This Blues & Rock n Roll band is always ready to give a good performance to the audience, whether there are 5 or 100 listeners. They also play, as many musicians here (unless they play in hotels) for actually unacceptable fees.

This is why we need to support our musicians in North Cyprus. For far too long we’ve had a free ride. It’s time to introduce cover charges, or our live music will no longer be available. It might be their passion, but it’s also their livelihood. Let’s support live music and keep it alive.

Rock on – “The Blues and Rock N Roll will never die”

In 2 week’s time the Soulist will have Lost Island Cold Kid (L.I.C.K.) as guests who want to prove that Rock n Roll is still alive.  They have played at the 1984Bar in Lefkosa and are now coming to Alsancak’s little music house.  This is a young alternative rock band and true to the Neil Young motto “Rock n Roll will never die”.   They will be a knockout!

Forthcoming Events :

Blues, Rock and Reggae in The Soulist Coffee & Music House (Alsancak)

Friday, 14th of December:– The Great Flood (Blues) – 21:30

Friday, 21st of December:  Lost Island Cold Kid (L.I.C.K) (Alternative Rock) – 21:30

Friday, 28th December: The Healers (Reggae) – 21.30