Gecitkale Municipality Enduro Race to be held on 7th December 2018


By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

“Gecitkale Municipality Enduro Race”, is going to be the last of the series of the endurance races season for 2018. The race will start  on 7th December, at 11am.  The sixth and last race will be held the next day on Saturday 8th December.

The race is going to be sponsored by the Gecitkale Municipality with cooperation of Güven Sigorta, Lungo Cafe, Capital Türk and Capital FM.

The race will be held at the 10.5 km long racecourse, at the Aridami village, near to Gecitkale and the participants will compete in 8 parts in 3 categories.

The winners will be awarded with prizes at the end of the day.

(News information and photographs, courtesy of ÇAĞIN ÖZILGAZ )