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Memories of Margaret Morgan, Rest in Peace


Readers mail……
From Mary Watson..

Memories of Margaret Morgan

“What is the best way to celebrate the life of a dear friend who passed away with cancer in April this year?   For the Zumba Gold dance team, their husbands and her friends, it was to hold a coffee morning in her memory and raise money for Tulips, supporting those with cancer.

The Zumba Gold dance team, their husbands and Margaret’s friends gather to remember her.

On 19th November, the day after Margaret’s birthday, about 40 people gathered at Sea Wise Restaurant in Esentepe to enjoy freshly baked cakes, sausage rolls and biscuits, take part in the raffle and bid in an auction for a Christmas Hamper.  The support was tremendous.  Margaret was an important part of the Zumba Gold team and has been really missed.  Everyone in the group who is currently on the island brought refreshments and donated raffle prizes and items for the hamper.

Ray, Margaret’s husband, came along to join in the fun resplendent in his kilt and was quite moved by the occasion.

Everyone was so generous that a total of 1,600TL was raised for Help Those with Cancer Association -Tulips and we are considering doing this every year.

Left: Chris Evans and Ray Morgan who successfully bid for the Christmas Hamper and Right Ray Morgan.

Thank you to everyone for their contribution, to Ray for joining us, Murat at Sea Wise  for hosting the event and Jean and Chris Evans who raised so much money for the Christmas Hamper.

Mary Watson”