Happy Birthday TRNC


By Peri Sualp ….

In August 1960, after Cyprus gained independence from British rule, both Greek and Turkish Cypriots agreed to run the island together on an equal basis. But problems started to arise soon after in 1963 when the Greek Cypriot leaders wanted to change the agreement. Starting from 1963 to 1974, intercommunal violence went on especially and sadly towards Turkish Cypriots.

On 20th July 1974 Turkey came to “bring peace to the whole island” after Greek Cypriots supported by Greece staged a coup on 15th July 1974 and took over the island.

Cyprus Independence

Even though the UK was also a guarantor of the island they didn’t intervene. So Turkey did so on her own and saved the Turkish Cypriot people. After that date our beautiful island was separated into two parts where Greek Cypriots live on one side and Turkish Cypriots on the other. Recognising there would be no solution, Turkish Cypriots established the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) on 15th November 1983.

Unfortunately the TRNC is not recognised by the rest of the world except for Turkey who has supported us in every way up to today. If it wasn’t for Turkey there would probably be no Turkish Cypriots living on this island. The Greek Cyprus government is still making anti propaganda about the TRNC. It claims that North Cyprus is a part of the island that is ‘occupied by Turkey’.

When the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established 35 years ago my mum was exactly my age.

It may seem old history to our generation but unfortunately the conflict between two people’s (Turkish and Greek Cypriots) is still ongoing. Many generations were born into this dispute and many have unfortunately passed away without seeing a solution between the two peoples. Peace attempts are made once every few years but unfortunately it has not yet come to any conclusion. It looks like the solution is the lack of a solution!

Both peoples have lots in common; culture, food, arts, habits etc. and both get along well together as individuals. It is very sad to see that serious problems and conflict created by the leaders over the years has brought the residents of the island to the point where hatred is increasing. I hope by the time I am an adult all this will end and we can all be friends. I hope nothing is carried over to the next generation.

Until a solid solution comes we, as Turkish Cypriots, have to hold on to our Republic with all our best efforts.


Happy anniversary TRNC

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  1. Nice and concise piece. We need more statements like these, explaining the “big picture” vis-a-vis the Cyprus situation, as so many seem to be lost in the weeds.