August 17, 2022


By Peri Sualp….

Charity is basically a phrase for “helping!” You give donations (help) to different people in need.

Have you ever helped a ‘charity’? Hypothetically, all the help you donate for charity may come back to you. You never know if you’ll be in need for donations one day. There will always be a current person who is decent and good who will save YOUR day. All the good things you do in the life we call “living” will come back to you, at least that’s something I want to believe!

And don’t forget, “What goes around comes around”! According to the most expert data  in the world (Google!), we have over 1.5 million charity organizations and every year they receive donations from kind and good hearted people. If you haven’t helped a charity organization up till now, don’t be alarmed and think that you’re unkind or uncaring. You have a whole life to give to those in need. Here are song lyrics which really suit giving -“HELP ME HELP YOU!”

So after this big speech of basically telling you to “HELP CHARITY” I think what you can do every day is to brighten up someone’s life who needs a little lift and just give what you can in the charity box! It doesn’t matter the amount of money, even if you put few coins in the box everyday that might even be the biggest help to them!

Help the universe, the universe helps you back!

I can offer you a chance if you would like to give a donation for a really great cause! We are having a concert for the children of SOS Children’s Village on the 11th November which is this Sunday at Bellapais Abbey.

Please do come and enjoy a great evening with western/classical/broadway/hit music and be giving a big help for people in need. SOS needs us, we need YOU!

(Sunday 11 November, 18:00 at Bellapais Abbey. Tickets 30 TL at Girne Deniz Plaza & Gloria Jeans and the International cast of stars.)

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