TRNC News 2nd November 2018


  1. Erhürman: “The process is progressing in accordance with our demands” …
  2. Özersay: “Let’s become good neighbours” …
  3. Burcu announces Toros Exercise will not be held …
  4. TRNC Kids Fitness National Team won the World Championship in Italy …

Erhürman: “The process is progressing in accordance with our demands”

Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman met with President Mustafa Akıncı for their routine weekly meeting at the Presidential Palace. Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Prime Minister Erhürman said that they had discussed UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ latest report to the UN Security Council, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy Jane Holl Lute’s meeting with President Akıncı and also exchanged views regarding the Cyprus problem and economic crisis in the country. Expressing that Lute’s arrival in the TRNC before the New Year is on the agenda, Erhürman said that the framework is clear and the UN is conducting a serious study on the issue. Adding that the two sides are expected to be creative within this framework, Erhürman said that it is expected to reach a solution without any delay.

“From the beginning, the Turkish Cypriot side’s demands regarding the method were in this direction. Meetings show that the process is progressing in accordance with our demands regarding the method” Erhürman added.

Reminding that Derinya and Aplıç gates will be opened, Erhürman said that there are also some positive developments regarding mobile telephones.

Özersay: “Let’s become good neighbours”

 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that the drilling studies in the Eastern Mediterranean to be started by drilling vessel Fatih were a turning point.

Stating that the Greek Cypriot side’s efforts to create unilateral ‘fait accompli’ in the Eastern Mediterranean resulted in Turkey’s buying two drilling vessels, Özersay said: “Nevertheless we do not want bad neighbours, let us become good neighbours, and operate these resources which belong to both communities, and manage and share together.

Özersay made statements to the Demirören News Agency (DHA) and said that “the Greek Cypriot political leadership has to show us that they are ready and willing to share both the political power and the natural riches with us.”

Expressing that it is very clear that the Greek Cypriot leadership is not ready to share the administration and richness in a federal partnership, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Özersay said: “Unless this mentality and attitude changes, a federal partnership does not seem very realistic. The natural gas issue is really a test for understanding whether the Greek Cypriot side really wants such a solution. “

Reminding that the Greek Cypriot side became a member of the European Union after they voted “No” in the referendum, Özersay said that the status inequality and unfair situation created by the international community are the sources of many problems that we face today.

Özersay called for the Greek Cypriot side  “Let’s first discuss the issue of natural resources in order to manage and operate them together” adding that the Greek Cypriot political leadership does not accept even to discuss this issue by showing this as a sovereign matter he said : “What do they expect us to do? We cannot sit back and be a spectator! The drilling vessels that Turkey has purchased are the most important developments showing that this will not be the case.

Burcu announces Toros Exercise will not be held

 The TRNC Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu stated that the Toros Exercise, which was being organized jointly by the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces (KTBK) and the TRNC Security Forces Commandership (GKK) will not take place this year again, as in previous years.  Burcu said: “This decision is a sign of the constructive attitude that we are maintaining.”

TRNC Kids Fitness National Team won the World Championship in Italy

The Kids Fitness team representing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Italy won the world championship as a team.

International World Artistic Dance Federations Fit-Kids (WADF) championship took place in Milano, Italy on 27-28 October and 6 children from Nev Fitness team competed in 8 categories such as ‘fit-kid, solo & fitness dance and fitness acrobatics’. Chairman of the TRNC Weightlifting and Body Building Federation Ali Dahlameroğlu and Neval Çelebioğlu Akgürgen participated in the competitions as international referees.