Davut Kansu leaves Esentepe Football Club.


By Richard Beale….

On the 31st October I read that Davut Kansu has resigned from his post of Technical Director of Esentepe Football Club.

He made his decision after Esentepe were defeated 3-2 on Sunday by Baf Ülkü Yurdu. Esentepe have lost their last 3 matches and have slumped to bottom but one in the League.

We know that when the season started it would take a miracle for Esentepe to remain in the Super League. We have competed well in most of the matches we have played so far. Lady luck has not been with Esentepe, as proved when we had a 94th minute equaliser disallowed on Sunday.

But it is still a surprise that Davut has felt keeping Esentepe in the Super League has proved to be too much of a burden to bear.

Davut joined Esentepe at the start of season 2016-17, his first major coaching job in football after a distinguished playing career. In his first season he just failed to get Esentepe in the Super League when they were beaten in the Play Offs.

Esentepe celebrating with Davut Kansu after getting a place in the Super League

Last season Esentepe made no mistake as we gained promotion to the top flight. As a Village as a team and with Davut we embarked on this journey, the memories will stay forever.

I am very sad as I write this, in Davut ” we trust” was our motto and it will be very strange not see him leading his team out.

Davut goes with our best wishes and he will always be welcome back in Esentepe.

Thanks for the memories Davut and good luck to you.