My Facebook page is now ten years old


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The year was 2008, and I had not started using Facebook.  Being a late starter, I was still using emails as the prime source of contacting friends and others.

It was perhaps the month of June or July 2008, when I fell sick. In fact it was a spine problem.  Very painful, which had me cut off from the world, as I could not walk for over 3 weeks. I had been finding it really terrible and painful to get out of  bed, as every slight movement hurt me considerably.

That period of three weeks, built up my closer relationship with my computer. I started spending most of my time using the computer, it was the only source of activity for me as television was never my first choice. During those days, for the first time, I learned how to create a blog and I started writing in blogs.

Then out of nowhere someone contacted me through “Tagged”, which opened a new world to me. “Tagged” is basically a friendship circle, where mostly the Filipinos are active. Well , I managed to win a few good Filipino friends on “tagged”. That friendship lasted for quite a long time, when one of them introduced me to a game on Facebook, named “Farmhouse”.

I had never used Facebook before. But once I started playing “Farmhouse” on Facebook, I became addicted to it. Farmhouse is such a game which makes you very involved in it. You needed constant help of friends, to continue moving ahead. For that, I and my Filipino friend raised a group of common friends, to help us playing “Farmhouse”.

Then after a couple of weeks, I started to recover from my illness, and went back to work. Going to work, thus affected my involvement with the game, as it had become impossible for me to keep constant  attention on the game, all the time. So a time came when I found it totally impossible to continue playing “Farmhouse”.

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But leaving “Farmhouse”, gave me the chance to be more active in Facebook. I found  old friends, along with new friends. The number of friends continued growing. I had become a member of some groups, where we used to discuss various topics of common interest. There were some friends, with whom I developed more understanding, than others, on Facebook. With some of them I became close, without ever meeting them. Some of those are still my good friends, and we do meet occasionally.

But then one day all of a sudden, my Facebook was gone. I could never understand what had happened. One morning when I tried to open it, it simply refused to accept the password.  It was a big blow to me. I was literally shocked, since over this period, Facebook had become a part of my daily life. It had became a daily routine for me. I felt p….. off and disgusted.

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A friend of mine advised me to try “Google plus”. I created my account in “Google plus”, where I re-found some of my old Facebook friends. But I was still missing my Facebook. In fact I was missing my group of friends, and the way that we used to discuss various topics almost daily.

After a short period of time, I created a new Facebook, but someone hacked that. How did it happen, I do not know. In fact during that same period of time, someone had hacked my “Hotmail” account too. So I was once again without my Facebook. I decided not to create another Facebook for myself.

But it was difficult for me to keep my promise for long. So one day, in a very careful manner, I once again created a new Facebook. Once again I started looking for my old friends. They started coming in one by one. I had found most of them, but at the same time had lost some too. There were quite a lot of new friends too.  Now I have got friends from different countries, and of varying ages. Some of them are of my age, whereas most are much younger. A large number of my friends are below thirty.

Over a period of time I learned how to manage different groups. Some friends asked me to be administrator of their groups. I loved working in that capacity, but unfortunately it takes much time. Unfortunately time is very precious for me. In the meantime I created some groups of my own too. But again due to the same reason I could not carry on with them.

I am still an active admin of some groups. I still own some groups, but I am not active in them now.

But I am active on Facebook. It has become a routine part of my life.

I liked celebrating the 10th birthday of my Facebook page.