August 19, 2022


Intro by Margaret Sheard …

What a great idea from Cansev Aritaş who has come up with a way to raise funds to try and keep Hope 4 Pets afloat and continuing with their good work for the street animals of North Cyprus. 

There must be lots of people with many items they never use and all you have to do is put them in your car boot and go along to the car parking area of  Semir’s Fırın & Kebab House and Tim’s Cafe & Bar, Uğur Mumcu Cd, Çarşi Selvi Plaza, C Block, Ozankoy  (the row of shops opposite Erdener Supermarket, Ozankoy).  If you have never done it before you will soon get the hang of it and it is a lot of fun.

This is what Cansev has in mind.

By Cansev Aritaş …
Semir’s Fırın & Kebab House …

It broke my heart reading that Hope 4 Pets could no longer carry on due to lack of funds and volunteers so I got thinking how I could help and came up with the idea of a car boot sale. There is a long car park outside my shop, Semir’s Fırın & Kebab House, and having spoken to Aysen of Tim’s Cafe and the landlady they have both agreed it’s a good idea.   We are situated in Uğur Mumcu Cd, Çarşi Selvi Plaza, C Block, Ozankoy on the main road opposite Erdener Supermarket.

It will be a traditional car boot selling from the back of your car as no tables will be supplied. We have to keep costs down as the whole point of this car boot sale is to help the charity. There will be no cover or shelter of any kind either so weather permitting it will take place weekly or fortnightly depending on supply and demand.

As it’s winter I don’t think it’s necessary to get up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning so I would suggest the car boot sale starts at 12 noon to 4pm.  The first car boot sale to be held on Sunday 28th October 12 noon to 4pm, sellers to arrive at 11am.  We aim to charge 20TL per car and all the proceeds will go directly to the charity. We will also be accepting any donations you may wish to make on the day.

Sadie has kindly offered to sing, depending on her busy schedule, for a couple of hours towards the end of the car boot sale so we can all wind down and relax at either Semir’s or Tim’s for a drink or two.

I am open to any suggestions and ideas ie themed fete etc. Anything is possible if we all work together.

If you are interested in selling at the car boot sale please message me as there will be limited spaces. At this stage I need to know beforehand who can make it rather than first come first served as I don’t wish to upset anyone by having to turn them away due to lack of space.

I hope you will all find it in within your hearts to come and support us purely for the sake of the animals of this world.

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