Is the present day lifestyle too busy?


By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

This is a continuation of my last week’s column, where I had mentioned that I like a slower and calm life.

We frequently complain of not having sufficient time in hand to finish our work.  Although we all know, but  still do not realise,  that in fact the pace of passing time has not increased, it is still the same, as it has been for  a long time. What has changed in fact is our way of working. We have developed a habit of trying to do much more in fact than we should do.

We are simply disturbing our natural way of life, by overworking. In fact the word over-working does not explain the problem fully.  We simply waste our energies by involving ourselves with unproductive and useless work. Just look around, out of 10 persons you find near you around 8 of them would be looking at the screens of their Iphones. Do you think that they are doing something productive. I am sure not even one percent of them is doing anything productive. They are either chatting with friends, or just looking at posts and comments in Facebook or other sites of the like.

How far chatting is productive, is a question that’s difficult to answer. There may be some positive aspects of chatting, but I am sure there are too many negative aspects of chatting. The most important of these, in my opinion is the wastage of time, and keeping the mind busy and putting it under stress. We may give our mind a rest for these times, to re-charge it to be more productive in future.

By remaining involved in chatting and in other activities on the Iphone screen, most of us ignore the need to rest, by the systems inside our bodies.

The present way of our lives in general  does not allow us  to sleep properly, and for a reasonable period of time. We keep our minds over involved and busy in important and non-important issues, that even when we sleep, our minds continue pondering about them. This situation affects the quality of our sleep, and ultimately affects our performances the next day.

Most of us put ourselves under extreme stress, by running after money. I do not deny the necessity of earning a reasonable income, but to negate the necessities of resting, just to earn a little more, is what most of us are usually are busy with. This practice is usually common among two groups of people. One is those who are poor and have to think of nothing but earning more to maintain their desired standard of living. The second group is those people who are already wealthy, but want to be wealthier.

Both of the groups put themselves under excessive stress. For both of them, life runs too quickly, because they do not find sufficient time to spend with their families, to relax, to go out, etc etc.

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We must not forget that stress in every form, is one main cause for most of the terrible illnesses of present times.  So what we must try to do is to overcome the stress. We must try to reduce stress from our daily lives.

The only way to reduce stress from our lives, is to slow down our lives. We must first sort out the useless activities that we are involved in. Once done, we would be in a position to re-direct the same energies and times to be more productive in our lives. By being more productive, we would earn more. But there must be a point, where we must be able to say to ourselves – enough. We must not run after what is beyond our reach. We must work hard to achieve our goals, but the goals must be realistic and achievable, otherwise we will end up with nothing except psychological and physical sickness on our hands.

We must realise that life has not become fast, we want to do more in a short period of time. This can only be done, by using our energies. Otherwise we will keep on complaining, without getting anything for ourselves.

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