Kalle Trautmann – Rest in Peace


We were so sad to hear the news that Kalle Trautmann had passed away, peacefully in his sleep, following an evening with friends on 2nd October during a visit to Istanbul with his wife, Heidi.  

Kalle’s funeral was held at the Girne International Cemetery on Sunday 7th October and a large number of people attended to pay their respects and give support to Heidi at a time of the sad loss of her husband and best friend.

Although we have known Heidi for many years, we did not have a lot of contact with Kalle but are aware of the wonderful support he always gave her, not only in their life together but also in the world of art and culture which Heidi is passionate about and has done so much to promote in North Cyprus.

Heidi has kindly written some words for us to share with our readers about Kalle and her thoughts about life.    Thank you Heidi, they are lovely words and sum up your life together beautifully.

Thank you, Margaret and Chris for the opportunity to say some words after I have lost my husband and best friend, and thank you for having been with me together with the many friends to wish him Bon Voyage on his last trip.

Kalle has been at my side for over 30 years, adventurous years through many waters and across many countries. However, he was always very cautious and steered our boat carefully. I am very grateful to him. I have often thought about life and in one of my reflections I think I said just what Kalle was and what he did for me and his friends and family. He was a most honorable man.

A Thought about Life

Life is like a garden with two gates, one by which you enter when you are born, the other you use when you return the leasing contract. In your childhood years your parents and teachers tell you how to use the garden tools properly; you learn to plant the necessary to sustain yourself and later your family, trees and vegetables to give you shade, vitamins and protection, a place to feel at home. The garden teaches you to respect nature and also to admire the wonderful structure and blossoms of ‘weeds’; it teaches you to accept and withstand storms and hail, rain and blazing sunshine and not to blame others for the damage. Finally you will seek a good balance in your garden, among the plants, your family and the friends who are always welcome in it.

And when one day you close the last gate behind you, you will know that you have left your garden in good order for the next generation to benefit from.