May 28, 2023


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Near East University represented the TRNC at the  3rd Turkish World Documentary Film gala night, organised recently  by the Turkish World Journalists Federation with the support of 11 universities and the General Directorate of Cinema of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Turkish World Documentary Film Festival is an annual event that brings Turkish documentary filmmakers together to exchange ideas and promote Turkish culture through their documentaries. This year, the 3rd Turkish World Documentary Film Festival takes place in 8 countries and 8 cities between the 2nd of October and 10th of November 2018.

The gala night commenced with the screening of the documentary film ‘Türk Ana’ (Turkish Mother), a joint project of filmmakers from 8 countries describing Turkish mothers through their point of view.

Türk Ana (Turkish Mother), which was designed within the framework of the 3rd Turkish World Documentary Film Festival, was created by combining mother-themed scenes shot in eight Turkic countries. The documentary features scenes describing Turkish mothers from eight different countries with the point of view of eight different filmmakers. The scenes regarding Turkish Cypriot mother were shot under the consultancy of Associate Professor Fevzi Kasap, the Head of NEU Department of Radio Cinema and TV. The documentary film, in which a Turkish Cypriot mother was portrayed by sixty-five-year-old Zarif Köse, was directed by Zeyde Yalıner Örek, Faculty Member at the Department of Radio, TV and Cinema of NEU Faculty of Communication, and PhD student Ömer Evre. The scenes of this documentary were shot at Near East University and in the village of Cihangir.

The 3rd Turkish World Documentary Film Festival is being held with the participation of universities and cinema television organizations from Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The films that were shot in professional and student category will be watched and evaluated by the jury and the selected films will make it to the finals. The award winning films and those considered eligible to be shown will be presented to the appreciation of audiences. The festival aims to reach more than 40,000 viewers with day-long sessions over two days in each of the 16 movie theatres located in eight cities. Near East University, which has participated in all Turkish World Documentary Film Festivals held so far, feels proud of being a partner of this significant event once again and representing TRNC at the 3rd Turkish World Documentary Film Festival.

Near East University is also proud of representing the country by taking part in the Board of the festival; Near East University Board of Trustees Chairman Associate Professor Irfan Günsel takes place as a member of the Festival Honorary Board while Professor Nedime Serakıncı, the Head of NEU Center of Excellence, and Associate Professor Fevzi Kasap, the Head of NEU Department of Radio Cinema and TV, take place as members of the Festival Executive Board.

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