Slimmers’ World Club : members’ farewell lunch at Lord’s Palace, Girne


 By Margaret Sheard …

We were invited to join some of the members of the Slimmers’ World Sartaj Club for a farewell lunch for two of the group who are returning to their respective homelands next week.  

Val Stuart-traynor who runs the group introduced us to Kate, Barbara, Kim, Jean, Chris, Annette and Elizabeth who had come to bid farewell to Jean who is returning to the UK on the 17th October and Annette who will be returning to Denmark on the 19th October.

We all enjoyed a delicious lunch from the very extensive Lord’s Palace buffet, and we noted with interest the choice of food by the members, although as a special occasion I would think Val would be very lenient with them.   We had noted the week before at their gathering they had provided a buffet lunch at their venue which had been prepared by themselves and it certainly looked like very healthy eating.

There was a lot of conversation going around the table but I did manage to glean some information from Val about the club, affectionately called The Fat Club, and her role in it.   There are currently 15 members plus 3 target members (those who have reached their target but join in from time to time).  They meet at Sartaj Restaurant in Catalkoy every Saturday morning at 10am, for a weigh-in and discussion of progress.

The club has been running for 6 years and was originally set up by Catherine Meddes at The Fez in Catalkoy.  Catherine did all the set up work and produced the eating plan booklets which the current members use.  Jean, who is now returning to the UK, has been attending ever since the club started.  There has been an assortment of venues during this time and currently Sartaj Restaurant is the venue for their weekly get-togethers.

Val joined the Club as a member in January of this year and took over running it in August, when the Catherine had to give up her involvement.  She is delighted with her own wonderful achievement of losing 4½ stone since becoming a member.

The Club has a project of losing at least 1 pound a week until Christmas which, from the time it started, will result in the loss of at least 1 stone.  They have a cardboard Christmas tree with their names on baubles which are removed if they achieve their weight loss each week and it remains to be seen who will reach the top of the tree first.    Val said she won’t be able to join in this as she has already achieved such a great weight loss.  There is to be a raffle and Val and the members thank Lord’s Palace (Meal for 2), Windows Cafe and Bar (Meal for 2), and other local businesses for their generous donation of prizes.

This was a special farewell occasion, so we are looking forward to visiting the slimming club one Saturday morning to see what happens at their normal and of course more serious weekly sessions.   It is currently a small group and the members get on very well together although it is hoped to increase the membership in order to be able to raise funds which they would like to donate to Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) in the future.

If you would like more information about the slimming club please contact Val on 0542 855 1219.