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Salty’s donation to the cause of Rob “The Dog Whisperer”


 By Margaret Sheard ….

Thursday 4th October was World Animal Day, so what better date than for Yusuf Yusuf Ağaoğlu of Salty’s Fish & Chip restaurant to make a donation to the cause of Rob Astley “The Dog Whisperer” and his large family of street dogs which reside in various areas between Tatlisu and Girne.

Salty’s Fish & Chip Restaurant has recently moved to the new block of retail outlets opposite Erdener Supermarket in Ozankoy and we went along for the presentation of 2,000TL which has been kindly donated by Yusuf. The funds will be made available to Petline Animal Care where Rob takes his puppies and dogs for vaccinations and treatment.  At Salty’s  we met TurkBankasi Branch Manager, Devrim Kaki, and English language consultant, Linda Roy,  and of course Rob, who was thrilled to be there for this generous gesture, and Yusuf who has a rescue dog himself, and understands the plight of street animals so he wants to help as much as he can towards their care.

Following the gathering at Salty’s, we made our way to Shayna Beach to visit one of Rob’s families.   Rob found 3 puppies at this location, 3 females from the same litter, and named them Snap, Crackle and Pop, they were later joined by a fourth dog which has been named Bob.  As soon as they saw Rob arriving, they bounded over to him with tails wagging, obviously so pleased to see him.   They have a nice area under the trees with sleeping areas and a kennel, although this is not now large enough to house them all since they have grown, so another task for Rob with winter approaching!   Rob is very grateful to Shayna Beach who have given him so much support in looking after this family of dogs near their premises.

This is just one of Rob’s families, they have all been neutered and had their vaccinations and veterinary treatment, and they all looked so healthy with glossy coats and boundless energy.  Rob spends 7 days a week travelling between Tatlisu and Girne to care for his adopted families along the route, they are his life and he dotes on every one of them, so the kind gesture of Yusuf of Salty’s will go a long way to help Rob to continue his good work with these very vulnerable puppies and dogs.

We recently visited Salty’s at the new premises and enjoyed a delicious fish and chips meal. Many will have had a meal at the previous fish and chip restaurant near the traffic island in Karakum and can now visit Yusuf at his new restaurant to enjoy the same wonderful fish and chips he serves.

Thank you Yusuf for your kind donation and thank you Rob for the wonderful work you do to help the unwanted and abandoned animals in your area.


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