International beach cleaning at the famous Lambousa historical site


By Chris Elliott……

Further to our article this week about the international group, consisting of a  number of groups, which on Sunday 30th September, cleaned the Guzelyalı beach area, we commented that there was a further beach clean planned for the Lambousa historical site.

We are pleased to report that on Tuesday 2nd of October a combined cleanup was carried out and one of the groups taking part, No Straws North Cyprus reported the following on their Facebook page:

“Diana Suyunshalina organised a clean up at the Alsancak (Lambousa tombs), covering not only that area, but also the approach to them and the coast next to them. We went along to help her and her friends with their good work. Thank you so much Diana for organising this.”

Diana told us that Vashti Surya-Harrell and her husband Peter came along from No Straws North Cyprus and they, together with Diana’s friends, Anna Mataras and Svetlana Shamatrina,  spent many hours cleaning up rubbish left by selfish people or that deposited by wind and the sea.

Pictures of the beach cleaning courtesy of Anton Lukash

Also joining them were the Mayor of Alsancak, Firat Ataser and Lapta Mayor, Mustafa Aktuğ who we understand spent many hours with the group helping to clean this very ancient heritage area and Diana told us the following.

“There were about 50 people helping us with the cleaning and I would like to say a big thank you to Caner Safel who is a local farmer who brought 15 people. Thank you also to Murat Erdoğan and Aylin Pelin from Goldwell bankers who came with the whole office staff and also lots of my Russian friends.

Savaş Namasoy came from the Ministry of Environment and they decided to make our group their representative with the responsibility for keeping the Lambousa tombs area clean so it can be be enjoyed as a public place”.

Pictures of the beach cleaning courtesy of No Straws North Cyprus

On completion of the cleaning operation the Alsancak Municipality collected the bags they had supplied for the rubbish collection and these were taken away on one of their vehicles.

What a wonderful day with people of many nationalities coming together with the desire to protect our heritage and the environment and if many more people or groups or organisations reach out and work together for the same cause we may yet see the blight of rubbish in North Cyprus start to disappear.

Photos courtesy of Anton Lukash and No Straws North Cyprus

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  1. Where would notices of future beach cleans be posted? I would like to join it when I am in Cyprus.

    • Hi Clare to the best of our knowledge there is no news outlet that shows future beach/environment cleaning projects…We will message our contacts and suggest perhaps the setting up of a Facebook page where all interested parties who are arranging cleanups can post their event news…Then there is a good chance of grabbing wide public attention to participate and support.