Phil Lucock tells us about the Old Codgers on holiday in North Cyprus


We recently visited the Black Olive Cafe and met up with the KADS members who were rehearsing for their forthcoming show.

Having read this article Phil Lucock, one of the past leading lights with the Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society, sent us this message.

“Just after June and I left Cyprus, Beverley Westbrook and Stephen (Everett) asked me if I could write a new sketch about Reg, Larry, Marjorie and Elsie. You can see the result at the upcoming KADS show at the Black Olive in Alsancak.

I decided for this one-off sketch to have the 4 of them on holiday in North Cyprus at an Hotel loosely based  (almost exactly actually) on the Pia Bella, in Kyrenia.

The Old Codgers in rehearsal

The humour is TRNC slanted and probably would not be funny to anyone other than a North Cyprus British Expat, so this will probably be its one and only outing. Therefore don’t miss it.

Best wishes,

Phil Lucock”

Editors note: Phil has also written a very humorous article about the North Cyprus Driving Test after dreaming about taking 2 hours to drive from Lapta to Girne………………This great and entertaining article will be published next week.