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The Soulist “Friends across Borders” concert for Tulips, a great success


By Roland Eyerich …

Friday 28th September was an historic evening and a great success for the first “Friends Across Borders Alsancak Concert” which was in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

It was a very special evening at “The Soulist” in Alsancak for the first “Friends Across Borders Alsancak Concert” in Northern Cyprus, where musicians from both sides of the island appeared in favour of the Cancer Association “Tulips”.  Cyprus was the guest in Alsancak at The Soulist with an audience that wanted to enjoy and appreciate this special evening. Cypriots and guests celebrated in a soothing atmosphere for an event which was already historical, and happened here in Alsancak. Throughout the evening you could feel the exuberant joy and a peculiarity you felt until the end.

Three bands were in the line-up: Kayra Sururi & The Blue Moose, Blue Tears and The Gentleman.

The opening act for the evening, with jazz-inspired blues, wild and rough with the young band Kayra Sururi & The Blue Moose started at 8pm.  You could also feel with this young band around frontman Kayra Sururi and the audience, that it would be a special evening.

After this great start, Alper Cengiz spoke with personal words in memory of Captain Mustafa Çürükoğlu, who died of cancer on 9th September, one of his most important friends here in Northern Cyprus. He died at the age of 55.

Kayra Surui & The Blue Moose had been preparing the way for the following bands, and now the Blues & Rock N Roll band “Blue Tears” really got the hang of it.  It was great what this band delivered that evening …. Guest appearances with Ed Sezener and Alper Cengiz rounded off this performance. The musicians enjoyed the evening and sparks jumped over to the audience.

The highlight of the evening was The Gentleman from Nicosia, who enthused the audience with blues and rock. The set list included songs like Purple Haze, The Needle and the Spoon, Roadhouse Blues, Black Night, Whole Lotta Love, Mistreated …. and with In the Air Tonight there was the duet of Yionny F. Avraamides and Alper Cengiz.

The great thing about the evening was the announcement of the proceeds for Tulips.  During the set of The Gentleman, I was so pleased to be able to announce the donation result. For the benefit of the Tulips Cancer Association, proceeds of 7,080TL were achieved.

The men around Yionny F. Avraamides – Guitar, Vocals, Panos Larkou (guitar) Andreas Tapa (drums), Demetris Panayides (bass) were the culmination of a great evening. Great vocal performance from Yionny. …. With “Keep on Rockin in the Free World”, this historic and special evening ended at 00: 45h on Saturday morning … .. and almost everyone was still there ..

And the wish from the audience: You have to come back!


Great evening, great audience, great varied music, historic evening by musicians from both sides of the island for a charitable cause.   It was well worth it as you can see in the video below.