The Mystery Schools by Nick Vye


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In most spiritual teachings there were outer teachings for the masses and inner teachings for the initiates. There were also in past times the mystery schools taught by Plato, Socrates, Pliny etc.

The outer buildings, like churches, mosques, synagogues etc. and the inner buildings called temples, sanctum, etc.

Egypt was well known for this in the past.  The outer teachings for the masses were by a male priest. The inner teaching for the initiates was by a female priest. It was the females in ancient times who had the higher knowledge, which was gradually taken away from them by the Kings or Counsellors of the times. They were called witches or soothsayers who were burnt or tortured.  Even in later days 150 years ago you had the Salem Witch Trials in the USA, Joan of Arc in France burnt to death and witch hunting in England during Cromwell’s time.

This is why much sacred knowledge was hidden or only revealed to the initiated, who were sworn on oath to retain the sacred works. This still exists today, even some religions have the outer and inner teachings. Example the Muslims have the outer teachings of Islam but the inner teachings for them is Sufism. Normally you must be invited to study these, example: Freemasonry, Knight Templar etc.

There are still secret places of hidden knowledge today, where only a selected few can go and study the higher truths of God.

These places are Temples of Golden Wisdom existing on this planet but operating in different frequencies, so cannot be seen with the naked eye. Each higher plane of consciousness has one existing there.

With love, light and peace to you all.

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