July 3, 2022


By Chris Elliott…..

Great news this week with the official Bayrak International Radio, Facebook page that has gone live recently click here.

The first thing you notice is the clever video header which promotes news and reviews being shared for mobile phone users who perhaps make up a sizeable audience here in the TRNC although BRT have a worldwide audience.

The page is fed with daily English language radio show schedules which are  very helpful if you wish to listen out for a particular show. With the introduction of this page BRT DJ’s are being featured with an introduction to their show content which is excellent so that all the team receive good promotion.

As there are some English language TV shows being broadcast every week, these are also being featured with pictures and broadcast times so you can look out for them by viewing them by live streaming on the BRT website or by other means.

Whilst the page gives a link to the BRT website there is no direct link to the Radio stream or TV stream so we are giving the links below so readers can quickly connect to those shows they wish to listen to or watch.

Bayrak international Radio: go to http://www.brtk.net/radio-template/ and select channel FM105


TV Shows – BRT are publishing in their news feeds, broadcast times and photos of upcoming shows. To the best of our knowledge the TV shows broadcast in English also have a library of past shows which can be accessed as under;

A Cup of Conversation – Go to http://www.brtk.net/series_categories/a-cup-of-conversation/

Vox Pop – Go to http://www.brtk.net/series_categories/vox-pop/


This Bayrak International Radio Facebook page is for giving information but there is an opportunity for readers to comment on posts but of course control needs to be made to keep the core message on track.

Viewers can send messages direct to BRT or even write Reviews which are received and replied to and there is a standard Facebook visitors Post Page but so far none seem to have been made.

All in all a first class Facebook page created by the staff at BRTK for Bayrak International Radio to reach out to the world and no doubt like fine wine it will continue to develop and mature.


Photos courtesy of Bayrak International

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