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HELP we have new Furever Homes but need your help to get there!


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We live in North Cyprus with Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) and we love our KAR family but there are so many of us sharing their love and care. We have all had a really rough time recently as a very nasty illness called Distemper ravaged our home and we watched as many of our pals got very sick and, despite everything being done by our KAR family and vets to save them, many of our pals died. It was so horrible – sometimes we didn’t even get to say goodbye.

We have all been so sad and down in the dumps. Not only had we lost so many pals our visitors had stopped coming to see us because of a Lockdown put in place to try and stop the dreaded Distemper.

But we know we are some of the lucky ones. We have survived and our KAR family still love us – so much that they have still been doing everything they can to find us new Furever homes.

Mumble, Coco 2, Lambsy and Polo

IT is hard for us to go to Europe or the UK for new homes due to time restrictions (it takes 4 months to get us ready) and there are very strict rules and regulations about dogs coming from shelters plus it is very expensive.

One of our friends (Mrs E) was very very lucky and she recently travelled to America to her new Furever home. She looks like she is having such fun and although we all miss her we are really happy for her too.

You cannot believe our excitement the other day when one of our KAR family, Kim, explained that the lovely people in America want to help some of Mrs E’s friends – AND – we are the chosen ones to go to new American Furever homes. Kim had helped find a home for  Mrs E and helped her fly to America and knows that she can do the same for us. They have promised homes for us – we just need to go there.


Although it is much quicker to get us ready to go (compared to Europe/UK) and it is cheaper it still costs money.

Sadly our KAR family do not have enough money to look after all of the cats and dogs AND pay for us to go to new forever homes in America.

Leika and Wonka

We would be sad to leave our KAR family and friends but oh so excited – it is what we and everyone wants  – a home and family of our own.

Please can you help ? If you can help even just a little bit it will all add up and then we can get to go – maybe we might even meet up with our friend Mrs E.

Please help us get to America to our new Furever homes.

You can donate by visiting our website and using Paypal or our Red Button or by payments into our UK account (details on our website) or by calling into our TRNC Karakum office.

Lots of thank you Woofs from Coco, Lambsy, Mumble, Polo, Leika and Wonka.