The state of non-attachment by Nick Vye


By Nick Vye ….
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The Ancient Masters taught and wrote about the detached state. Most people think this is when you have no feelings within yourself or for others. It is quite the opposite.

An example of this non-attachment would be a nurse working in a hospital ward or a carer of elderly people etc. The nurse has eight beds in her ward and on her morning round asks the first patient how he/she is and the patient tells the nurse all the problems and worries he/she has. This continues bed after bed until the last bed. When the nurse has taken on board all these issues she will need to be in bed number nine! Physically tired, mentally drained and emotionally exhausted.

If she had practiced detachment, these issues from her patients wouldn’t have affected her.

One can have compassion and love and understanding for the person but doesn’t need to take on board that individual’s problems etc. Give wise words and positive thoughts and advice, with love and care. By taking on the physical, emotional, and mental state of someone else, can lead to illness or breakdowns and it is not her responsibility to do so.

This is like trying to make someone else happy. Their happiness is their own responsibility from within themselves. Yes, you can add to a person’s happiness but you are not responsible for it.

Compassion, Love, Listening and being there for someone, is a positive thing and both parties benefit from it.

People often try to unload their problems etc onto others, don’t take it on board. Offer wise and positive counselling with love and you won’t be affected from it.

So the non-attached state by the Spiritual Masters, is taken even further as they are not bound by any worldly things or desires, it’s called by them – Vairag (state of being).

With love, light, and peace.

Nick Vye Sanctuary