July 3, 2022


The Department of Antiquities and Museums, affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, continues to work on the restoration of cultural assets, as well as the restoration of buildings.

Maintenance and repair work has been completed in respect of the British Royal Coat of Arms monument in Lefkoşa and also the 2,300 year old shipwreck and the room where it is located at the castle in Girne.

Minister Ataoğlu said that the ancient ship is one of the most important works of our country and was discovered in 1967 by Andreas Cariolou. Between 1968 and 1969, the underwater excavation of the Girne Shipwreck was carried out, and it was eventually restored and placed in its present location for future generations.

Renovation work to the shipwreck and the visitor’s balcony, floor and ship’s exhibition room has now been completed.

The monument bearing the British Royal Coat of Arms, which was built in the 1900s and is now one of the most remarkable works of art, after the Venetian column at Sarayönü, has been restored.   The work was carried out without damaging the original structure of stones and mortar and the original Coat of Arms by the Conservation and Restoration Centre of the Department of Antiquities

Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu pointed out that they have shown great interest in the cultural heritage, museums and historical sites all over the country and said that the work undertaken has resulted in places of culture and art.

”We continue our work without interruption on behalf of the protection of our historical heritage,” said Ataoğlu.

Ataoğlu said that the Department of Antiquities and Museums would continue to carry out maintenance and restoration work in order to protect all of the old artefacts as necessary as required by budgetary facilities. In order to preserve our history and historical values, we do everything in the name of conservation and we will continue to work in this field. Our country is a very valuable open-air museum.

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