TRNC News 18th September 2018

1.   Akıncı: “We will not be part of an open ended process” …

2.   Ozersay received Bozkır …

3.   Erdoğan : “We will not reduce the number of our soldiers in Cyprus” ….

Akıncı: “We will not be part of an open ended process”

President Mustafa Akıncı said that Turkish Cypriot side will not be included in a process which is open ended and not result oriented. Akıncı stressed that as well as the Turkish Cypriot side, the Office of the UN Secretary General also supports this view.

President Akıncı received the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Volkan Bozkır yesterday. Akıncı stressed that Turkish Cypriots will not be the minority administrated by the Greek Cypriots on the island. Noting that in the 1960 agreements, Turkish Cypriots were not qualified as a minority, on the contrary they were qualified as a partner of the new state, Akıncı stressed that the Greek Cypriot side never accepted this situation and considered the island as their own island. Akıncı added that the Greek Cypriot side also wanted to unite the island with Greece, but this was not possible.

Pointing out that in the following processes, the most important factor has been political equality, Akıncı said that they have been trying to solve the Cyprus problem for 50 years.

In his speech, Volkan Bozkır said that Turkey is always determined to support the TRNC. Expressing that after the Crans Montana process, an atmosphere of disappointment has occurred, Bozkır said that the Greek Cypriot side wanted to extend the process and put the Turkish Cypriots into a minority status but Turkey will never allow the Greek Cypriot side to create such an atmosphere in Cyprus. Bozkır also expressed that they prefer to reach an agreement on the basis of political equality, not extension of the process.

Furthermore, Bozkır stressed that many actions of the Greek Cypriot side regarding natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean are not acceptable, Bozkır said: “The only remedy is to transfer natural gas via Turkey. We will remain patient and they will find the right way”.

Ozersay received Bozkır

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay received the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Commission of Turkish Grand National Assembly Volkan Bozkır and his delegation.

Indicating that the visit of Bozkır was timely, meaningful and fruitful, Ozersay said that in cooperation with the Republic of Turkey, the TRNC makes maximum effort in order to protect the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriots at different international platforms.

Adding that the Foreign Affairs Commission of Turkish Grand National Assembly is an organization which can increase such a limited number of opportunities at different platforms by being the voice of the TRNC, Özersay said that the visit is also important in terms of this issue.

Özersay expressed his belief that this cooperation will continue and also increase in the coming period. In his speech Bozkır said that they have observed that Ozersay has had an effective working style for a long period of time. Indicating that they had important meetings during the day, Bozkır said that the welfare of Turkish Cypriots is their priority aim.

Erdoğan : “We will not reduce the number of our soldiers in Cyprus”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that they will not reduce the number of their soldiers in Cyprus. He was speaking to members of the press following his return from a visit to Azerbaijan over the weekend.

Regarding the media reports last month that Turkey was planning to establish a sovereign naval base in the north of the island Erdoğan said: “We do not have a base problem in the TRNC. Turkey is very close to the island so there is not a problem in reaching it. It will take only minutes to reach the Eastern Mediterranean. We do not need to establish a base there.”

He said that from now on, Turkey will apply the “recipe” it will determine as regards the Eastern Mediterranean.