TRNC Ministry of Health organised an event for SOS Children’s Village


The Ministry of Health organised an event for children living in SOS Children’s Village as part of the upcoming Feast of Sacrifice celebrations.

Merit Hotel, Lefkoşa, Akçin LTD, Çalıkuşu LTD, Califorian Restaurant, CWC Carwash & Cleaning Service, Kyrenia Cleaning and Nicosia Sarayönü Lions Club supported the activity within the scope of social responsibility project. The event, organised by the Ministry of Health, was held at the Califorian Restaurant for SOS Children’s Village residents.

Children and their instructors living in SOS Children’s Village together with Filiz Besim, the Minister of Health and the institutional authorities supporting the project, also attended  the lunch

A variety of gifts were distributed to the children during the meal.

Health Minister Filiz Besim 3rd from the left (front)

Health Minister Filiz Besim made a statement at the event, for  everyone celebrating the Bayram Feast of Sacrifice and wished them a healthy and peaceful holiday.

Minister Besim said that they wanted to be with SOS Children’s Village on the eve of this feast and stated that the country had passed through very difficult days and perhaps with even more difficulties in the coming days but that the state had taken measures in this respect.

Besim asked the children to love each other, to respect each other and to support their country, and also thanked the institutions and organisations of the project, which had supported the Ministry of Health in the past.

Source:  Ministry of Health