September 30, 2023

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By Ahmet Abdulaziz…….

I am not Martin Luther King Jr, but I too have a dream. In fact every one of us has got a dream. We all have different lives of our own. We all have different problems of our own. But we all have our dreams, different from each other.

There are two types of dreams. One that people have while asleep. In fact this is all that we usually refer dreams to. But there are dreams that we have while awake. Yes, I am among those who watch dreams when not asleep.

To some it may seem something odd, but honestly speaking we all dream when awake. Though most of us either do not accept it or do not even notice it. But the fact is that we all have dreams of our own, some of them are while asleep, and some when we are awake.

Let me be precise and return back to my dream, which has now become a part of my daily life. Something like another me, who watches the dreams the whole day long and keeps me instantly informed about them. Sometimes I wonder if it is natural for me to watch dreams the whole day?

But I think it’s natural, for everybody.

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Frequently I find myself living in a totally different place, with everything very different from that which I live with presently. For example, nowadays I dream about a life where I work a lot, just like in my present life, but everything is free.

You may be shocked by reading “everything free“.  To me too, these words appears strange.

But don’t we see queer things in our dreams.  I am so obsessed with my dream, that I do live through this feeling 24 hours a day.

I dream that in the evening when returning back from my work, and I go to the market, I do not have to check my wallet. I simply go to the market, take bread and other foodstuffs for myself and my family. Then I go to the gas station and get petrol in my car. When I reach home, I see that my children had received their books, copies, pens, pencils and everything essential for their education free from their school.

I dream that at the end of the month, i need not count money to pay bills for electricity, water, gas etc etc.

I dream that I do not have to pay rent for the house where I live.

I dream that I do not have to get worried about buying a house, and to arrange for its financing. I dream that I do not have to pay the bank instalments etc whatever. I do have free accommodation for myself and my family.

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I dream that I do not worry about the future of my children. I dream that they would not have to run around to find a job for themselves, and then arrange for their accommodation etc etc.

I dream that all of us continue working as we work now, but without any fear of anybody.

I dream that we all live a simple life.

The list of my dreams inside the overall dream is too long and unending. But this is my dream, and this dream is a fact.

I have been having this dream since I was a child, when for the first time I had seen poor people begging for money on the road.  I have had this dream with me since I saw people robbed of their money and valuables. I am having this dream since, for the first time, I saw the photos of African people dying of hunger. As I kept growing both physically and mentally, I started believing in this dream.

Today I have told you about my dream.

Tell me, if you have any dreams?

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