Girne Municipality will continue essential services during Bayram Feast of Sacrifice


Girne Municipality has taken a number of measures in order to be able to serve Girne residents without interruption during  the Bayram Feast of Sacrifice holiday period. 

The Municipality will collect the garbage from the market centre, the old harbour area and the hotels, including the first day of the holiday, and will provide cleaning services in accordance with its routine schedule.

Before the feast, the Zabita (municipality police) and the Health Branch will inspect the businesses and restaurants in the city and will also check on unauthorised workers.

The municipality has also taken measures to provide burial services during the festival.

Citizens will be able to call Girne Municipality on the phone numbers listed below for emergencies during the holiday period.

Public Works, 0548 881 2114, Cleaning Works 0533 860 5973/0533 825 0104, Water Works 0542 882 1118, Sewerage Works 0533 870 2017/0533 846 2017, Funeral and Burial Works 0533 850 6413, (Law Enforcement) Services 0548 882 2120/0548 888 2118, Health Services 0533 870 2014. “