The Aquarian Age and how it affects us


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

We are now in the Aquarian Age which started around the year 1965, when the whole planet was given a boost in the conscious state of being.

The vibration frequencies were increased, hence the boost in creativity during that time, everything took a leap forward.

People started to look for new experiences, in music, art, technology etc. This is why the negative side of this resulted in drug taking, that went out of control.

These ages last for one thousand years or more, the last one being the Pisces Age.

The Aquarian Age is the golden age, when we should start to rediscover our hidden depths and lost knowledge. This cleansing period that the world is going through at this present time should start to recede after 2020. Technology will advance at an even faster pace, than already happening.

We now have the chance to become more enlightened and aware than for the last one thousand years or more. There are more inventions discovered by Aquarian Star Signs than any other star sign.

Be thoughtful we are alive during this important transformation and let’s pray we make all the right positive decisions to become greater individuals together and learn the lessons of loving each other unconditionally.

With love light and peace, thank you.

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