TRNC News 9th August 2018


President Akıncı: “The Greek Cypriot side has to acknowledge the truth that the island has two common equal owners”

The 54th anniversary of Erenköy Resistance and the martyrs who lost their lives during the resistance were remembered with a ceremony at Erenköy Martyrdom yesterday.

President Mustafa Akıncı gave a speech at the ceremony. In his speech, Akıncı called to the Greek Cypriots in the presence of the martyrs and said, “We should abandon the dominating attitudes if we want to let the future generations live in tranquillity and permanent peace on this island.”

Calling on the Greek Cypriots, President Akıncı said; “Acknowledge the truth that the island has two common equal owners and we should try to find ways to move to the future together with this understanding.”

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